Yesterday, I Visited Syria… on 360cities

Use the new web site “360cities” as your virtual travel guide when you plan your next arm chair vacation. 360 is traveling the world capturing 360-degree images of landmarks and key cultural locations. You can fully rotate the scenes, tilt and zoom. Check out the World’s Virtual Reality Portal to navigate to your next stop, put your feet up, and enjoy!

Census Mapping Made Easy

Social Explorer is a website designed to help people easily map Census data from 1940 – 2000. The site has a friendly user interface and is very intuitive. One of the coolest features is the ability to create a slide show from the Census data to visualize change over time. This is a public edition, and a subscription edition is available for institutions (with expanded data sets and down to Census block group geography). This is one of the best Census mapping tools I’ve seen. (©2006 Social Explorer and Queens College CUNY)

Thematic Mapping on Google

Up until recently, Google Maps mashups have been limited primarily to maps with up to about 200 points, limited line data, and overlays of static images. The Google Map Creator is a freeware application designed to make thematic mapping using Google Maps simpler. The application takes a shapefile containing geographic areas linked with attributes and automatically generates a working Google Maps website from the data. It does this by pre-creating all the necessary files and saving them into a directory. Publishing the map on the web is then just a matter of copying files onto a web server, allowing Google Maps to be used with the majority of ISPs.

Google Map Creator offers promising new opportunites for professional-grade mapping via Google Maps mashups.