Mapdiva: Design Software for OS X

Mapdiva LLC is a partnership among Graham Cox and Jill Saligoe-Simmel to develop Ortelius™ – powerful map design software for the Mac OS X.

Mapdiva is about is enabling your creativity without breaking the bank. It is about keeping drawing as simple and direct as possible so you can focus your creative energy on content and design. It’s about always asking “how could we do that better/simpler/more direct?“ It’s about doing the expected so the app works like you expect it to — and the unexpected to surprise and delight.

We’re dedicated to making powerful, intuitive software so you can focus your creative energy on content & design.


Ortelius is software for cartography and map design, made exclusively for Mac OS X.

It features specialized drawing tools that ease the tedious tasks of manual map making, with attention to high quality graphics presentation. Unique features include the ability to create automatic junctions at road intersections, a rich selection of built-in cartographic styles and symbols, and style creation tools that enable intricate design.


Artboard is graphics design software made exclusively for Mac OS X.

It features smart drawing tools and over 1700 built-in styles and editable vector clipart. Unique features include high-powered style creation tools, advanced object editing, and simple image editing tools. Vector drawings are composed of editable stacked objects and are infinitely scalable.

Jill Saligoe-Simmel is co-founder of Mapdiva. She is responsible for content, education, and business development. Jill works alongside Graham Cox, Mapdiva co-founder and lead developer, on product design.