Finger Math Chisenbop

How to be a Human Abacus

Do you believe your fingers can out perform a calculator in both speed and accuracy?

When I stumbled upon this youtube video of a super cute 5-year old demonstrating his Chisenbop finger math skills, I was hooked. It happened at the time I was also learning how to create iOS apps in a non-programming GUI / Rapid Prototype environment, using GameSalad. (This type of programming environment lets non-programmers gain a better understanding of iOS technology, logic, and game design. Perhaps most importantly, I gained an increased appreciation for technical complexities that programmers deal with every day.)

FingerMath Chisenbop for iPad is a unique educational game where you find out how to become a human abacus.

FingerMath uses an abacus-like finger counting method called Chisenbop, a method for which it is possible to display all numbers from 0 to 99 with both hands. FingerMath works on the iPad by detecting the “touch” position of all 10 fingers. The fingers are pressed onto the iPad to indicate value. Only iPad’s multi-touch interface makes this remarkable app possible.

Oh, and here is that smart little kid in action…